Constructed Mythology

Essus is the Capital city of the mighty Haram Empire.


Essus is separated into four rings by a lake and three walls. Each represents a separate faction of society, based on their overall distance from the central island.

The Central Island[]

The official center of The Haram Empire, this small island contains the Imperial Palace and the most important government buildings in the city. The military's headquarters is also located here, making it the center of all military operations in the Empire. This island has only one entrance.

The lake[]

Although most of the city's residents aren't aware of it, the small uniform lake surrounding the central island is actually artificial and was finished shortly after the rest of the city was built. The only way onto the island is over the one bridge that crosses it. This bridge is purposefully collapsable so that the island itself can be completely sealed off from the rest of the city.

The Nobles Ring[]

Occupied by the Haram Nobility and a few extremely rich merchants, this ring is filled with gardens, fountains and large squares.

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The Capital is of course primarily governed by the Emperor but the council, and Imperial advisors also hold a sway over the comings and goings in the city.


Around 800,000

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