Constructed Mythology

Once the cruel tyrants of the Bloodlands, the Erz have become docile after being freed from the brainwashing magic of their old ruler; Archmage Oghochtos. They are the reason that a horrid form of corruption still lingers in the Bloodlands, warping any lifeforms nearby.



Erz are quite muscular, with dark green skin and yellow eyes. Females always have hair, while males do not. Some have small fangs jutting out from their lower lips.


The Erz have yet to really discover their heritage and culture, having just been liberated from Oghoctos. However, they are certainly born warriors, so their culture will most likely revolve around battle. The Erz have already organized their own arena matches where top Erz gladiators compete for the highest honor among Erz; the opal belt.


Erz have remained in the Bloodlands. Their capital city is known as Blood Mountain. It is a black, skygrabbing peak containing a network of tunnels and caves.


Though it is certain that Erz have always lived in Fubadubia, many wonder just what turned them into monsters. Oghoctos was of course the reason, but some speculate if Oghoctos was always evil. There are rumors circulating that this was in fact the work of the interloper, still acting from the shadows. Now that Oghoctos is dead, the true answer may remain a mystery forever.

Notable Erz[]

Archmage Oghoctos: Oghoctos led to Erz using a strange type of brainwashing magic. He was a powerful mage, and used his powers to spread corruption over the Bloodlands. He was slain by Sir Gerald Fubbanore.

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