Constructed Mythology

Daughter of Evestin Tir'Sen, Talis was considered a wise ruler whom brought peace and prosperity to a once withering Empire.


A tall, blond, brown eyed woman considered beautiful by most she met. Talis was known for wearing dark green robes with a golden lining.


After the Death of Evestin, the "Prince-Heir" Kalrin was to be crowned Emperor though due to the immense responsibility he felt he would be bearing he shifted it to his younger sister, Talis whom he considered to be wiser than himself. So in the Summer of the year 1,257 AF Talis Tir'Sen was crowned Empress of the Haram Empire, the first of her kind. Although this came as a shock to the people whom had never experienced an Empress before, Talis was given complete control and fortunately no restraints were enacted by the ever wary council.

Empress Talis succeeded in significantly improving relations with the Elven people and finally brought the expensive military preparations her father had begun to a close. While some opposed it, the sudden influx of money quieted any complaints and allowed Talis, her Advisors and the Council to resume rebuilding the still scarred Empire. Kalrin took up position as Supreme Commanding General in the stead of Karldin il'Ren whom disappeared over the sea on an expedition to The Forgotten Continent and married into a noble family living a long and happy life as a rarely needed General.

After 42 steady years of rule Talis died at age 67 leaving the throne open for another Empress, this time one with a less peaceful agenda.

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