Constructed Mythology

Empress Darlis Tir'Sen, daughter of Empress Cyrlis, lead the Empire from her mother's madness into peace and stability.


Of medium height, light brown, brown eyes. Typically wore blue clothing.


During the entirety of Cyrlis reign nearly nothing was known of her personal life, had she had children? Was there a husband waiting to take the throne? The people automatically assumed the next ruler would be an Emperor, one whom would return prosperity to an Empire shuddering under the weight of two great wars within 100 years. Yet despite the Empress's personality she did have a husband and in fact a child, but a daughter. At six years old Darlis was in no position to become the leader of an Empire which had recently attained a hatred of female rulers and the people might simply revolt again. So the heir to the honorable line of Karldin: Aelin il'Ren took up the position of Lord Regent and steered the Haram people out of the darkness and into the light. Seven years later it was decided that the new Empress Darlis must take the throne now or never as the people had forgotten the evils of Cyrlis and perhaps there was still hope for the young ruler. In 1,314 A.F. Empress Darlis took the throne.

Under Darlis the Empire returned to its old self as war torn towns were rebuilt and destroyed roads were fixed and finally the forests and hills of Avon re-grew to their former splendor. While Darlis was not a great ruler whom performed amazing acts of governance she did manage to be one out of two completely stable rulers for more than 100 years. So that none would forget the Century of the three Empresses, both the good things that took place and the bad, Darlis constructed a monument to herself and her mothers in the Evestin Square, Essus. It stands to this day; three young Empresses standing back to back with their right hands raised to the sky under the watchful gaze of the great stature of their forefather Evestin. While the sun finally set on this period it should never be forgotten to neither historians nor the common man. Now a new age had begun.