Constructed Mythology

The creator of the earth was Laramus Totus Lufus. He created the Grand City of Emnon, the gods, and then accidentally created sickness. To end the sickness, he created death. The gods knew they needed to do something in order to not die as Larumus Totus Lufus had done, for unlike him they feared death. So they pleaded to Heshush Lufus, a god who knew the secret of immortality, to bestow apon them the secret.

He said to all of them, "If you make me king, I'll tell you the secret." Most agreed, and that day he was crowned "King of Emnon, King of Gultz, and of the Gods" The only god that hadn't agreed was Horora, who did not accept Heshush Lufus as his king. He went of to the northern lands of Sic, and married the nymph Shan. Shan was the daughter of Chantis, who was the son of Laramus Totus Lufus, and thus the true ruler of the Grand City of Emnon.

Now both Shan and Horora knew that they ought to be the ones ruling in Emnon, since Shan was the granddaughter of Laramus Totus Lufus. So Horora told his three sons, "You must each attempt to take Emnon back for us." The first son decided to murder Heshus Lufus, and speared threw a spear at him. But Heshush Lufus was immortal, and the spear stopped midway and turned around. So the first son died.

The Second son was a bit smarter. He knew that attempting to kill him would not work, but kindnapping him might. In the end, though, Heshush Lufus kidnapped him, and sent him into the clouds to be the bride of Marar the rain-goddess, and he became Simu, the thunderstorm-maker and lighting-striker. But he did not succeed in gaining Emnon for his family

The third son did a very simple deed. He went to the house of Heshush Lufus and asked him, "Could you move out of this city of Emnon? It is ours by right." Heshush Lufus knew this, and he along with the other gods moved up to the sky and lived among the stars. The third son, Horora, and Shan lived in the Grand City of Emnon, and they became the descendants of all humans today.