Constructed Mythology

The elves are one of the three Younger Races. They divide in a number of subraces, who are collectively called elves (Liri in their own tongues).


Elves divide in a number of subraces.

  • Kaeliri (Spirit Elves). The spirit elves are the best known of the elves. They also form the majority. Due to these two facts, they are often regarded as the 'main' elven race. They are the rulers of the vast Empire of Kae-Lir.
  • Amaliri (Elemental Elves). The amaliri (actually four subraces, the air elves, earth elves, fire elves, and water elves), live together with the kaeliri in Kae-Lir. However, they are the lesser race. This is not an accept that grudges them. They accept it as natural and work together with the kaeliri to further the goals of the Empire.


Elves nowadays mostly live in the huge forest known as the Empire of Kae-Lir, though they also live in the forests on the northern part of the continent called Allosinaba. 

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