Constructed Mythology

Elvaina is a project I, Spritegage, just began days before. You may know me as the creator of the down project known as NetherWorld, yet that has nothing to gain. I hope to make Elvaina more rich than ever before.


Elvaina was said to be created by the Elklings and was made by their great staff known as Etnadorn, or the "Staff of light". Many other theories remain.

Bestiary of Elvaina:[]

Elvaina has many wonderful, magical, and even the most dark of beasts. There are some Earth creatures on Elvaina, only the smaller ones (such as squirrels, owls, foxes, etc.) There are even more dangerous Elvainian creature, such as the hermit, boaten, and boils.

See Bestiary of Elvaina for referance.

Elvainian Terratory[]

Elvaina is full of ranges such as the mountain Everin. These are only a few of the many regions of Elvaina:

Mount Everin The home of the boaten and Elkling. A snowy yet warm region.

Siderith Hollow The deep and scary forests in south-eastern Elvaina. Ghost and Fum reside there.

Hudsonford The town of sand and metal-work. The sand soldiers guard the treasure there. It's a place for the drakes.

Thittledwell The beautiful town smack dab in the middle of the evergreen forests. Tree Elkling and Tree Fuum live in peace here.


There are many races in Elvaina, each rich with it's own legend and history.





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