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Ello refers to a large family of aquatic, tadpole like organisms who once made their homes in a large group of islands known as the Ellorian Archipellago. Different Ello species vary in appearance, and don't often associate with each-other. The most well known species of Ello is the Fubadubian Ello, often just called the Ello.


Ello are supposedly offspring of the giant fish demigod; Giglub.


Fubadubian Ello are short, with blue or pink skin, which is quite slimy. They appear to have no hands, but in truth, they have a pair of small, near invisible tentacles with which they grip, hold, carry, throw and catch things. These tentacles do not refract light at all, and as such, are impossible to spot in pictures. Ello have one large, green and orange eye in the center of their face, which incidentally, is most of their body. All Ello have a small hump atop their head, though the purpose of this hump remains a mystery. Ello are able to survive both on land and in water, giving them a natural advantage over their prey.



Ello enjoy seafood, swimming races and other water related activities. Fubadubian Ello are members of the Fubadub Allies, so they openly share their nautical culture with others. Ello are led by a wise female priestess known as an Ocean Speaker. It is said that they worship the sea itself, though it is quite possible that their diety is a slumbering Giglub.

Ocean speaker

the current Ocean Speaker; Lynn.


Fubadubian Ello can be found in many places, though their capital city is now Elloria, in the marshlands.

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