Constructed Mythology

Elfs are creatures will a nose very rounded (the ones that are good for nose hanging), they usaly reach 4 feet and have semi-pointed ears. They usaly live up to be about ten-thousand.


They are old and they have pointed ears. They can be tall or short. They usaly use magic and they are rarly seen at night.


They usaly marry around five-hunered and leave their parents around six-hunered. They are very human and can learn the lanuages of the human. They often are trying to elect the next Dragon Rider of their kind (humans too).


They have the power over nature e.g. water, earth, weather and many more!!!


Younger Elfs will always surrender for family and freinds to live, at eight-hunered they learn to let go of their freinds and family. All though they always will usaly surrender for a ruler or a Rider's life.


They live in the trees and in chalets.


Most are Jewish all though some are Christian.