Constructed Mythology


Eleduin Empire is the general term for two great empires built on the continent of Terranell. The first one is Eleduin Empire ruled by the Cersalie Dynasty. The second one is actually called Silwerian Empire but also known as a second Eleduin Empire.

First Eleduin Empire - Cersalie[]

The first Eleduin Empire is constructed by Justun Cersalie, great grandchild of the famous Nerah Cersalie during the reign of the last Elven king, Jillan the Magnificent. After slaying the Elven king, Justus had a new capital built and called it "Eledea", at the same time naming his new nation "Eleduin Empire". Justus was crowned Kesare I of Eleduin Empire, thus beginning the era of Cersalie.

The first Empire was destroyed during the incident known as "War of the Four Houses", provoked by the Eleduin prince Syrius Cersalie that caused the great war between four Royal Eleduin Houses: House Cersalie, House Aurwynma, House Vethora and House Thareon. The war teared the country apart, in the end destroying the empire as a whole.

Second Eleduin Empire - Aurwyma[]

After the War of the Four Houses, Guthale Aurwynma of House Aurwynma found his new city Kymir at the famous Kymiran Basin. Guthale was soon engaged by the infamous king of Claedesh, Aradon Ferrdin. Guthale defeated him and signed a treaty with Aradon, promising unification. Aradon Ferrdin and Guthale Aurwynma signed the famous Treaty of Silweria at Silweria, a fertile land in northern Claedesh. Later, Guthale died of a fever before he can be crowned as emperor, Aradon then named it Silwerian Empire, and passing it onto Guthale's son, Dembur I of the Silwerian Empire.