Constructed Mythology

Eldruin is the continent in the North-West of Okara. It is inhabited mostly by humans, though the central plains are home to primarily beastmen tribes.


Mainland Eldruin consists of four regions.

The Great Green: The Great Green is a large forest that covers all of the north and North-Eastern region of Eldruin. It is inhabited mostly by Orkan tribes. Lerithia is also located within the Great Green.

Evermis Mountains: The mountain range and surrounding plains in the West of the continent. It is home to Zenikos, the last city of the Xenite Empire, which is populated by humans and Half-Elves.

Cenecas: Southern region that has been colonized by Ellyria .

Tolcas: Plains to the South-West. It is believed Protum tribes roam this region.


As well as the mainland, there are a number of islands considered part of Eldruin. These islands are Daecia and the Isles of Wy.


An island to the south-east of the mainland, Daecia is the homeland of the Ellyrian people.

Isles of Wy[]

The Isles of Wy were once ruled by the Empire of Wy, the ancient dynasty of the Ilvarr people. Now currently inhabited by the Talmar people, and is overrun by Wyverns.