Constructed Mythology



Aú is the creator God of Eana. He created Eana from nothing and has shaped it with the help of his Faenaúran, the first things he created when he began to create space and time

The Revolt of the Earth Itself[]

During the time when it was unable to do anything about it. So it cried out to Aú and he changed the earth so that it could not be altered by magic of any form except in its most pure form, within Aú. But the earth was given power over itself at the same time. And it changed itself, so as to fool those who would seek to change it, so that it would appear to be completely natural and beyond the power of all magic, light and dark, that could change it in pure form. But as it did this it shifted greatly. The original 11 landmasses were destroyed and a new, massive landmass was created, thrust up to contain two-thirds of the planet's circumference. This was Alagast.


Eana is a strange world, carved from nothing by Aú. But its geography is very similar to that of our world. There are mountains, there are oceans, there are volcanoes, lakes, plains, plateaus and deserts. there is even a curious row of underwater volcanoes. But there are several geographical features which are unusual and unique to this world. But they are listed elsewhere.

The main body of Eana is water. Jakaal, the great ocean, covers most the planet's surface. It is vast and unexplored. Nobody knows how many small islands and great kingdoms lie, undiscovered in the icyness of the south pole and in the great areas to the west of Tuinr. But even the great explorers of the Sarnapph have not got that far and been able to tell of it. There are great mysteries there which they are unaware of and which they shall someday discover, to their enjoyment or to their dismay is yet to be seen.


All religions in Eana are dedicated either to Aú, the creator of Eana, or to one of the Faenaúran, his first creations and deities in their own right. Not all worship the light but follow the fallen Faenaúran and their leader, . These are the acolytes of the Dark Parthenon.


There are a wide variety of beasts upon Eana. Many are native to our world but there are several which are not. They include dragons, Vatcha and Kaebras.