Constructed Mythology

Ea is a world made of different realms. These are Pangeria, Zoran, Hanid, Giaroth, Alindad and Orimdeus. Also there is an empty realm called Abyss which is a border between the other realms and also the realm that keeps them connected somehow. Around these realms there is the Void. The history of Ea spans nine distinct Ages, the ninth of which is currently taking place. Transitions between Ages are made when major events occur.

The First Age: The Creation

In the beginning there was nothing except God. And from his mind appeared the Titans. They were very much like him, but infinitely less powerfull and wise. The twelve Titans were Unios, Yulas, Ifrashass, Misteriodd, Satlos, Siverinon, Mangros, Aridok and the ladies Teea, Aquaria, Lioria and Amanda. Yulas was the most powerfull of them and their leade. Unios was the wisest of all and Satlos the weakest, but the most kind-hearted. Ifrashass was powerfull as Yulas, but his wickedness made him weaker. Misteriodd was plain crazy and Aridok also had a strange pleasure for violence. Siverinon was as evil as one can be and Mangros was always staying near him because of his fear. And the ladies, Teea, Aquaria, Lioria and Amanda, were also very powerfull, but fair and beautifull.

Many millennia have passed since their creation. The days have passed like seconds. The Titans decided to sing a song for God. And every one of them bursted into one marvelous song, incomparable to any other. And as they were singing the world was created. When they finished they saw it and named it Ea, which in their language means "everything". God allowed them to go and shape the empty realms of Ea the way they wanted. God remained in the Void, although he is everywhere at once. He is Anima Mundi, the source of life and he spreads through all of Ea, surrounding and penetrating all that exists. God is also the keeper of the Sands of Time, which were created in the moment that Ea had been created.

Unios didn't want to get involved at first, but while he was sleeping, he accidentally shaped the realm of Hanid. It was dark and fiery and nothing seemed to be able to live there. So Unios abandoned it, never wanting to go back to that horrible place.

Satlos is the one who shaped the realm of Zoran and created it's inhabitants, the Leprechauns. They are peaceful people and they make their living by herding their animals and farming their plants.

Aridok is the titan who shaped Orimdeus.

Ifrashass is a very curious titan because his powers are very unusual. He is more powerfull than Unios, but he is also weaker because of his evil mind. He shaped on his own the realm of Alindad.

Misteriodd is a crazy titan. He likes war so much that he created Badland, a continent on Pangeria, where he placed the races of Golems and Lizardmen to fight for many ages.