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Dynir is a large continent as part of Alagast. It is the second most western continent after Tuinr and is connected to Oldorgast in the east and Gater'nûr in the south. Most of Dynir is centered in the temperate zone although its northern-most fringe (not far south of Baey-Do) brushes the edge of the arctic circle. There are also small, anomalous areas of land in which the usual weather has been altered by strong magic or natural means and has become either abnormally hot or cold. The Barilthan Desert is one such place. Most of the southern edge of Dynir is comprised of water-bordered mountains, as is the very north. Dynir encompasses a large inland sea, the great Mor-Veras Lake. This was not always there and was created by King Anster's war of power. The climatic battle sank most of the Kingdom of Veras beneath sea level, flooding it and turning it into an inland sea. Dynir also encompasses Mor-Terghan, a large sea connected to the Heltaet Ocean by a small strait in between the plains of Aeron and Rhynan, the land where men first the descendants of the Men of Thralindâr first settled. This sea is largely tranquil and gentle but is occasionally whipped yup in massive storms which curve southwards before expending their energy on assaulting the rocks of the Rodkair Mountains.


Many different races exist in Dynir from the gentle elves of Irelia and Elemiris to the hardy Dwarves of Rodwar to the Men of Thralindâr and the Sarnaph princedoms.


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