Constructed Mythology

The besirrim (better known as dwarves) are one of the Younger Races of the world of Thurkear.


The besirrim (Second Race) were the second of the Younger Races to be created. They were created by the Elder God named XXX. He shaped them in the appearance of the sturdy giants, yet not as clumsy and tall. He intended them to be workers, not philosophers, preferring to create beauty with the hands, not with the mind. The dwarves were of his image, and did as he ordered them to do so.

After the First War, the dwarves faced a difficult time: they had to strike out for themselves, rather than follow the commands of their god. Some dwarves of strong character, however, managed to keep their kin controlled, and became the Dwarven Kings. These kings enjoyed long reigns, thanks to their long live spans, and the dwarven kingdoms were renowned for their great stability, in comparison to the turbulent chaos of human empires that surrounded the dwarven realms.


Dwarves nowadays mostly live in the vast Mountains of Ogeb, though they can also be found on the continent of Allosinaba (mostly in the Dragon Mountains).

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