Constructed Mythology
Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You explained the king what is a human. Eventually, when talking, you accidentally reveal how the humans put about to extinct lions and other animals on the world. The king goes mad, he can not believe it.

King Felix: If a human is that horrible kind of being, then you are a danger for us. You should be captured. Soldiers! Send him to the dungeous!

You beg for mercy, but it is useless. Now you are in the dungeons. An eemplem (a fairy-like winged being) appears from nowhere, she wants to help you. She brights on a beautiful pink light, you are dazed.

Eemplem: Oh, poor guy, what terrible sin you did to deserve to be here?

You: I am a human, that is all.

Eemplem: You are lucky. I can help you to escape, but...

You: But what?

Eemplem: But there is a condition... You should accept to be an adornment for my hive. I like you, you look very curious, and I know the other eemplems will enjoy your presence too. We will please you bringing you fruits and honey, and the only thing we will ask you for is to remain on our hive. Your eyes are so bright and ardent, and your voice is so sweet... You will be the perfect adornment for our home.

Do you accept the Eemplem's help?