Constructed Mythology

Dragons are legendary creatures featuring in many myths from all cultures on Okara. No-one alive today has ever seen a Dragon, so their existence is under heavy dispute, and there is only one remaining scripture in Ellyria that mentions them - Thas Casligad Fyss Dæcia - that describes them as “A great scaled bird riding the skies on wings of hide.”

Dragons are believed to reside on the legendary continent of Dakorel, though nobody has ever been there to confirm those claims

Known Dragons[]

Throughout ‘Thas Casligad Fyss Dæcia’ the name of one Dragon is mentioned: Kjalahon. Kjalahon is believed to have been immensely powerful, capable of tearing down cities with a single roar.

Another, lesser spoken name was Nihlanth. No descriptions of Nihlanth could be found, other than that he stalked his prey, assessed its strengths, struck, and then left, all in an instant.

It is impossible to truly know of the legitimacy of these legends, so most people disregard them as mere fantasy.