Constructed Mythology

One of the most renown cultures of Morotu. Most, though not all dragons are part of this empire.


The Empire underwent a major civil war.


Similar to a dinosaur most dragons have a reptilian appearance. Eighty percent of dragons have scales while the twenty percent minority are covered in fur. Most of the Empire is made up of lizard like dragons while a select few have snake like bodies. Beyond these traits it’s very hard to describe dragons in general as an individual dragon usually posses features that are common only to it or it’s bloodline.


Do to the shear size dragons reach by adolescence they have immense strength. Dragons are powerful not only for their strength but because of their own element the Dragon Force as well as the fact their can master a second element quite easily.


Half the dragon population can’t swim do to their size. Whereas serpentine dragons can slither though water.


In Dragon culture "Basilisk" is the term a disgraced Dragon is associated with. The receiver of this detestable title is usually associated with treason.

Heroes, Leaders and Priests[]

  • The Imperial Dragon, the leader of all dragons under the empire.
  • Bain, The most infamous Basilisk in the empires history.
  • Zane, Once a Knight, he found himself the leader of a group of dragons seeking to create a seprate empire.


  • Imperial Dragon
  • Bain
  • Zane

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