Constructed Mythology

As Kintaria is basically a dimension parallel to ours there are certain ways to get there. There are many doors leading into Kintaria but relatively few leading out. This may be due to the semi-extreme circumstances under which these doors are created. You see, it takes a great deal of power and will to create a door leading out of Kintaria and even greater power and will is needed to create a door that swings both ways.

While there are several doors leading only out of Kintaria, there are even fewer leading both in and out. The doors leading in and out of Kintaria are usually entrances into private residences and so usually have a "gatekeeper" or require a key.

Temporary Doors[]

It is possible for a particularly powerful individual to create temporary doors. These doors can cross both ways and are only stable for as long as the individual can sustain them.

Approximate Door Numbers[]

  • "In" doors number well into the millions.
  • "Out" doors number somewhere near five thousand.
  • "In & Out" doors number somewhere near four hundred. (Note: These doors are not included in the previous estimates)

Places To Find "In" Doors[]

  • Constantly "Out of Order" Restroom Stalls
  • Unused Movie-Theater Ticket Counters
  • Unused Telephone Booths
  • "Fairy Mounds"
  • "Fairy Circles"
  • Roads That Apparently Lead Nowhere
  • Dead-end alleys
  • Mirrors


As discussed earlier there are some doors leading into and out of Kintaria that involve the use of keys. One of these doors could have as many as twenty keys or as few as one. The number of keys, as well as the keys themselves, can change with the changing of door owners.

A key can be any object that has a unique shape. However, for security reasons, pieces of jewelery are most often used. Usually, doors that require keys have some sort of scanning device or a slot for the key to fit into. Again, these can be as varied as the keys themselves.

Potential Keys[]

  • Rings
  • Miniature Crests
  • Charms
  • Necklaces
  • Coins
  • Lockets
  • Bracelets
  • Knives
  • Swords
  • Daggers
  • Gems
  • Engraved Pens

Crossing Points[]

Crossing Points are spots where the walls between Kintaria and the Real World are especially thin. Each Crossing Point has it's own Guardian or group of Guardians who control the flow of "creatures" in and out of said Crossing Point. These points can blanket whole towns or even countries. Ireland, Japan, and the United Kingdom are especially riddled with Crossing Points.

The Crossing Points themselves appear as rippling air, much like a mirage or water on the road. On the Human side of each Crossing Point, it is possible to cross to any Crossing Point on the Kintarian side. A Guardian is needed to make sure the travelers do not end up somewhere they do not want to be.

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