Constructed Mythology

Dolls are a species found in the World of the Hourglass. They are the product of a curse that transforms humans into soulless shells of their former selves. Living a life of perpetual solitude, most Dolls seek to regain their human soul by stealing it from those crossing their paths.


The name "Doll" refers to a member of a species who were formerly human, having their souls hewn from their bodies via a curse that was designed by Porcellana, the Witch of the Death Mask. Porcellana is a Doll herself, having removed her soul to no longer experience human emotion, which she considered a weakness.

Dolls come in several varieties, the most common are Stitch, Stuffed, or Porcelain. Porcelain Dolls are easier to fit in with humanity, due to possessing a relatively normal appearance, save their fragile pale skin, which is easily cracked, and their tendency to dissociate from those around them. Stitches are a lot more animalistic, behaving much like rowdy children, and generally have low intelligence. Stuffed Dolls are normally animalian in form but human in intelligence.

The formal name of Porcellana's curse is undecided, and is commonly called the Doll Curse or the Curse of the Death Mask.


  • Porcellana
  • Lotte Townsend
  • Dove Avalon (half-Doll)
  • Rhodanthe Avalon (half-Doll)
  • Sandy
  • Theodore


A half-Doll refers to a Doll that has not entirely regained a whole soul, only parts of it. The only half-Dolls shown in the series are the Avalon Sisters, Dove and Rhodanthe. Dove reveals that Rhodanthe had her soul forcibly taken away by Alba, a wraith, to become her servant, and in order to save her sister, Dove gave away half of her soul to Porcellana, who in turn gave this half to Rhodanthe. This act transformed the two into half-Dolls. While Dove kept her human qualities, Rhodanthe wasn't as lucky: despite having a soul, she was as empty as any other Doll would be.