Constructed Mythology

Beneath the rough, churning waters of the vast, endless sea, the divers make their nests. Divers are one of the oldest races of Fubadubia, though they have remained hidden for a very long time. They finally emerged from the profundal areas where they make their homes very recently. Since then, they have quickly proved that they are not a friendly people.



Divers are lean, athletic looking creatures with pink or purple skin. The area around their eyes is red, while their eyes themselves seem to be completely black. All divers have webbed hands as well as webbed feet. Their mouths are not visible, if they have a mouth.


Divers claim to be a very advanced people who have made many scientific discoveries. For this reason, they will often capture other creatures or races, dragging their unfortunate victims to the depths, where the Divers supposedly conduct experiments on them. Ello are a favourite target of the divers.


Diver colonies are spread out across the sea. Some Divers can even be found in lakes and large rivers.

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