Constructed Mythology

Dirctyac is the largest of the provinces of Cikira. Its capital is Handforge. Other towns include Ayerst and Mevitas. The current governor of this province is Lord Dalbert Thycombe, Count of Habigne.


The economy of the Dirctyac province is primarily cattle and sugar (in the north and south) farming. Chickens and rice are also farmed, and a small citrus fruit industry exists. The capital city also has one of the few breweries on the island.

Administrative Division[]

The entire province of Dirctyac is divided into 14 districts, headed by District Prefects.

  • Neauhaise District
  • Ruthgeon District
  • Barkeuphine District
  • Phorbius District
  • Stagnes District
  • Ttave District
  • Gerhard District
  • Artuheun District
  • Apinne District
  • Noilleen District
  • Jearrim District
  • Gnosbeek District
  • Edute District
  • Ydnah District