Constructed Mythology

The Dieberan State Council, also known as the State Council or Council of Ministers, is an constitutionally-mandated 10-member council that wields considerable power and influence in the Dieberan Republic. It is headed by the Head Minister, Head of State of Dieber. The other members, called State Ministers, are the Cabinet Secretary of the different departments of the Government.

Electoral Authority[]

Once a retiring Head Minister is on their way to retirement, the State Ministers hold a meeting about who will be the next head Minister. When it is decided who among them will be the next Head Minister, they invested in him all the executive power of the head Minister. Then, they will find new candidates qualified to be a State Minister. Then the Assembly elects among the candidates chosen by the State Council. Then all the power of a State Minister is invested to the newly-elected candidate.

They are also responsible for appointing position to the 250 members of the Dieberan Assembly who are elected from their district.

Legislative Authority[]

The State Council does not introduce bills. Bills are introduced in the Dieberan Assembly; but any bill passed by the Dieberan Assembly must be reviewed and approved by the State Council. The Dieberan Assembly has no legal status without the Guardian Council. The Guardian Council also holds veto power over all legislation approved by the Dieberan Assembly.

Judiciary Authority[]

The State Council also functions similar to a constitutional court.


Head Minister

Deputy Minister

  • Brook Gantry


  • Ministry of Agriculture
    • Amenzade Elmont
  • Ministry of Finance
    • Kish Elbrus
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Gormand Bosmann
  • Ministry of Defense
    • Almand Pollax
  • Ministry of Interior
    • Napoleen Surrea
  • Ministry of Welfare
    • Romanus Essenes
  • Ministry of Industry and Commerce
    • Artus Estien
  • Ministry of Education
    • Landen Estevan