Constructed Mythology

The Desert Continent is, as it's name implies, a mountainous and harsh desert continent located at the center of Adyr. Although harsh and unforgiving, many races and factions lives and thrives in this continent. Most battles between the Lunar League and Solar Union are fought here, making the continent the most dangerous to live. Aside from the two, the other native races here fought the two competing factions.


The entire continent has irregular shape and not entirely full of deserts. Plains, rocky mountain ranges and tundras are found here, offering little hospitality to those who seeks to live here. The continent are divided into four region, to the northeast is Ciru, to the southeast is Osep, to the northwest is Gnisru and finally at the southwest is Hiberio. The one thing that stand out in this continent is the Vetheral Volcano which stands alone at the center. It is an active volcano and its share of big eruption the last few centuries ago.

The water to the north of the Continent is the Lesser Belaroth Sea while at the south is the Durnova Ocean.


List of Races[]