Constructed Mythology

Demons are one of the four Elder Races of the world called Thurkear. They are led by the powerful Marinistantyo, also known as the Demon Aflame.


The demons were created countless years ago, by the mighty Demon Aflame. They took their hail in the many subterranean caverns and tunnels, as well as in vulcanic areas.

Throughout history, they have felt a strong hate against the Younger Races, and often tried to kill them on sight. Some, however, recognized the humanoids as tools that could be used to further their own ends. These demons, as they lived for centuries, were able to launch century-lasting plots to further their own ends.

During the Fifth Eon, they mostly didn't fight as a group or race, but as individuals, selfish as they were. This caused them to be considered less of a threat than the organized giant bands or the families of dragons. However, for the poor villager it meant no difference, as they were perfectly able to wreak havoc individually as well.

Nowadays, they control the so-called Burned Lands, a series of deserts and vulcanoes on the continent of XXX. A brutal demon named Pelyri rules the entire lot there through sheer brutal force.

Kinds of Demons[]

Demons are, put simply, spirits of fire. There are some different subraces of demons to note.

  • Efreet. The efreet are the main kind of demon. They are true spirits of fire. They are about twelve feet high, with dark red skin, surrounded by a halo of flames.
  • Djinn. The djinn are the spirits of air, as resulted from the Pact Primeval.


Demons are selfish, cruel, and only interested in themselves. They are sadistic, often causing pain just for the fun of it. Some, however, are different. Those are called 'salamanders' by their demon siblings, and are often shunned from the community (if any).

Notable Demons[]

  • Marinistantyo, the Demon Aflame, the progenitor of the demons.
  • Pelyri. A fire demon of particular power, who rules a large community of demons with an iron hand.

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