Constructed Mythology

"Howl with me brothers; before the moon is gone we shall bark at the gates of hell!" -Warlord Cotiso


Dask is a new union between the Trosan tribe of Get and the native Seir clans. When the prophet Zalmoxis came to the tribes and sang his chant, the people listened. He took his followers north to the mountains, but vanished in the winter. His followers assumed him dead, but recently the prophet has returned. The first order of duty was to occupy the land south of the mountains, and so the Getans obeyed, and conquered the warring Seirs. This was the begining and current state of the union of Dask.


Much of the poor-class and the conquered clansmen are still polytheists. Their original gods were giants who lived on mountains. The fastest growing religion is a monotheistic belief that there is but one god, and the soul is immortal. However, this religion has no prayers, and so to speak with their god, whom their prophet is named after, requires a sacrifice of a priest or brave man. The people are taught wolves are their cousins and the mountains are sacred.


Wolves are taught to be cousins of the Daskites. The wolf symbolizes unity to the culture due to how they travel and hunt in packs, and take on creatures much larger than themselves. Not only this though, but the wolves are mighty warriors alone. It was said Zalmoxis was found suckling the tit of a she-wolf when he was found by a Dorioan from am Argolian colony. The man wandered the east with his slave, and when he returned home his wolf-blooded slave ran off to freedom. He became the leader of the tribe of Get by killing their king and spread his faith. It is said that Zalmoxis' wolf-blood is what gives him super-human abilities.


The armies of Dask are well-trained with the use of the sica swords and falx blades. They rarely donn armor, but their brutal weapons render it nearly useless anyways. Typically it is lead by the Prophet himself, and his generals at his side. The skirmishers always run out ahead and deliver hit-and-run tactics as well as ambushes. When they retreat, they pull enemies to the Daskite lines, who shower the enemy with arrows. This initial phase causes the full army to set into motion, which consists mainly of lightly armored but heavily armed warriors. Spearmen will take the rear as the falxmen and swordsmen tear through the vanguard. Then from the sides in a bull-horn the spears come in to finish off what is left, relying on the archers to prevent missiles from the opposing side.