Constructed Mythology
It is an illustrative tale related to Da Club.

Chapter 2: The pack[]

The 3 boys who were sent to the labs look really strange. Master tells: "The lab was not so bad. They give me super powers". During all this episode, Master can fly, Davis can destroy things using his mind, the argentinian Ni�o Invisible can become real during few seconds and Brick can answer every question with answers of the next question. Tim wants super powers too, but he gets nothing as he did not go to the labs. Suddenly, a dinosaur comes to scene. Master cries: "Super Team Pack Attack!!!". Robots appear from the space. Master says "Fusion!!!". Each guy except Tim jumps inside his bot, and they all join to build the Super Fusion II robot. The dinosaur maximizes, transforming itself in a robot. A guy who was watching the tv-show cries "What is happenning here??? Last chapter, they were just kids, but now... They are super-heroes!!! but... This shows has no sense. I'll go". Then Suddenly, the dinosaur eats him. Members from the creator's crew of the show begin to fight against the dinosaur. It is difficult. The dinosaur calls its partners: Diplotter and Rexer. They dinosaurs easily defeat Super Fusion II. A hologram from Venus's girls tells to Tim how to defeat the evil dinosaurs. "You must use the transformation pack", they say. Martin Combson, the creator of the show, cries "It is the jump the shark". The show becomes chaotic as the dinosaur destroys the city. Martin says "Tim, save the world. Meanwhile, i will figure how to keep the public watching this chaotic show". Martin begins to dance a polka playing a gaita.. it is horrible. Tim uses the transformation pack, he is transformed into a giant but cute pink pony. "A pony??? What would a cute pink pony do against horrible dinosaurs of doom". Then suddenly, his mouth shots a giant fireball. "Forget my question", he says, and the final battle begins. The camera goes out from the battle. Martin says "Sorry, kids, but if we show you the final battle... it is so intense... we would lose our six-years older level of audience... you will understand. Look at me!!! I am dancing with a printer!!!!". After some time Tim comes back. He looks really slimed out. "It is all, Martin. The fight is over. You can stop dancing". "Can you become a normal kid again???" Martin asks, Tim answers "I guess... The venusian girls would know what should I do. Would you, girls???". In the hologram we can see girls laughing, the transmission is suddenly off. "Would you???" Tim asks again. "Hey, girls!!! I do not want to stay as a giant but cute pink pony... Girls!!!". Tim says "That was sad... No worry, kids, I will find a way to un-transform him. See you later!!!". Tim cries "The end??? Hey, no!!! I do not want to st...".