Constructed Mythology

Da'modan was the first world born out of the songs of Eiur (pronounced: Eye-ur).


Eiur was the Aenetic God of Life, belonging to the upper tier hierarchy in the D'hanate. Da'modan itself was Eiur's first experimentation with the method of creazhion, which would be later continued with the worlds of Aethelas, Eradelas and Zarast.

Da'modan was composed an undisclosed amount of time after the forging of the Aenetic Pantheon of Gods, known as the D'hanate. Eiur envisioned the greatest masterpiece amongst the D'hanate, which was the composition and implementation of a singular world, composed of matter, and upon this piece of matter, living organisms with independent forms of consciousness. This would, in turn become to be known as the firstborns, the Taelos.

Eiur began a melody embodying joy and blissful happiness that wove together the foundations of Da'modan. The layers of the planet sewed themselves together, grass formed upon the surface, trees began to sprout from the layers of earth and a large body of water massed and divided the land of Da'modan in two: the continents of Taey and Mo'vaq.


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