Constructed Mythology


Cyrum was born in chaos, when it's greatest leader,Dovahkiin, lead the Kruziik Joriin and their Vrii allies to victory in the Lot Kiez (Great Uprising)  with the aid of benevolent dovah. The Vul Dovah were an ancient race of dragons, that ruled the Sovaar do Nil (Plane of Void). They created Cyrum for amusement.  In 957 of Diist Bok, Dovahkiin joined the ranks of the rebels and quickly rose to the rank of commander, by way of direct promotion by the dovah. After many battles, Dovahkiin smashed the armies of those loyal to the Vul Dovah (for reasons still unknown) at Zilf forest. The final epic battle with Dovahkiin and his most trusted with the dovah defeated the remenants of the Vul Dovah. Thus was the beginning of the Yuvon Bok. Dovahkiin died in the 4th year Y.B.


A realm of forest and mountain to the north and great ocean cliffs to the west. Cyrum is home to Lot  Sendaar to the southwest. The Krenock Mountains divide the far north and the the east, giving rise to fiercely independent cities.


In the south, the eldest of life in Cyrum, the Vrii, a humanoid reptillian race, that rule their deserts and the entirety of the southern oceans with enlightenment and prosperity. Shortly after, the Kruziik Joriin, humans, were born, to amuse the Vul Dovah. The North is ruled by the Mu Jorrin Tribes, of fiercely independent dwarves. To the West, The Eir Republic, made up of another, more intelligenct race of dwarves. Leprechauns peacefully inhabit the entirety of the world. The Sahrot, a mighty empire from the east, who seeks to control the realm. All of the civilized races varying dialects of Dovahzul.


The people of Cyrum worship dovah, meaning dragons in Dovahzul.The Sahrot claim alliegence to Three dovah they find to be of most importance. Mir Rah(allegiance and order), Uld Rah(Might), and Faraan Rah(wealth). The Vrii are an enlightend people, who worship Mindah, The Ekrah(goddess) of Knowledge. The Dwarves of Eir worship Zin Rah(honor), Heimiik Rah(Blacksmithing and Technology) and Onikaan Rah (Wisdom and Strategy), as well as Mindah Ekrah, but to a lesser extent. The tribal Dwarves of the north worship a myriad of dovah. 


Great Mammoths and haired Rhinos roam the northern tundras. The Zan'i of the south west are a prominent tribe of giants that roam the deserts. Wolf-men are claimed to live in the great central forests, as well as many other humanoid beasts of a lower intelligence. 

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