Constructed Mythology
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Dragon Fathomling




7 feet

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Magical Ability

Powerful in just about everything, particularly Warping. The only known Worldflipper.

Personal Information

Formerly Schraeden Vors

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Magical Skills[]

Cynor is one of the most powerful Warpers on Maroid. He is capable almost all other Magical Arts, and Worldflipping.


Cynor is capable of changing the direction of gravity for himself, and to a lesser extent, objects around him. In combat, he often uses unique knives made for dropping onto enemies.


Cynoriak was once a close friend of Schraeden Vors. Befor he was Remade, he often went incognito using the pseudonym Malarad, draconic for "Harbinger". He was knocked unconsious and fell into the Fathoms when fighting a group of unusually powerful Darklings with Schraeden Vors. Schraeden assumed him to be dead. The Remaking prevented him from using his draconic form.

Cynoriak took the name Cynor. They then learned of Cthen. A few years later, they became the High Priest of Cthen.

One year later, Cthen appeared to them in a dream, telling them that they needed to Release something from a large transelium block, and that the Map to Anywhere would lead them there. Cynor set out in search of the map, stealing it from the Stronghold of Relics.

About halfway there, Cynor encountered Schraeden Vors. Scraeden had Glimpsed that Cynor must be stopped at all costs, and Schraeden wondered if Cynor would recognise him. They didn't. Cynor was unwilling to abandon his quest, so Schraeden left, not willing to fight his former friend.

Cynor encountered much opposition, but ultimately arrived at the transelium block. They Released the thing inside, which was actually a powerful being called Malignos that had been manipulating Cynor from within the transelium prison. Malignos wounded Cynor, destroyed the prison, and embarked on a rampage. Schraeden Vors came to Cynor, revealing Cynor's identity and healing them. Cynor's memories returned. They went to seek out and destroy Malignos, succeeding at the cost of Cynor's life.