Constructed Mythology

The Crown of Hanver is the legendary crown kept by Hanver the Just, father of the five Founders and the Hero of the continent Hanver. It has four jewels which now symbolize the independence of the five founding countries of Hanver and serves as the national treasure of each.

The crown, with its jewels, said to be "can set a thousand warriors to greed". It was the crown used by the King of the Armeyasians when they invade the continent. When Hanver and his Black Faithfuls have driven them off from the continent, he took for himself the crown and made himself ruler of the entire continent. When he was old, he took out the four jewels and gave to his other children but the crown itself is given top his firstborn, Kandarlon Ironhand.


  • Clor- the Diamond, it is housed in Beolothor.
  • Tiaguo- the Ruby, it is housed in Bapuria.
  • Cazembre- the Sapphire, it is housed in Dieber.
  • Faisan- the Emerald, it is housed in Cikira.

The crown itself is housed in Kandarlon.