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"I was born and raised in Crossings, New York. Now, this may not seem like any big deal except that Crossings isn't what it seems. See, half the town exists in an alternate world called Kintaria. The other half of Crossings exists in the Human World and is almost entirely separate from the Kintarian half." - Yuka Sorano, Fall 2008 draft of "Granite Emotion"


Crossings, New York is the small town where the remaining Sorano family makes their residence. It is half in and half out of Kintaria with a three-mile-wide Crossing Point between the halves. Just north of Crossings, on the Kintarian side, is a Fae mound where the Foxglove Troop of Fae reside.

Known Kintarian Dwellers[]

  • Keiko Sorano - Sorceress
  • Kiyoko Sorano - Sorceress
  • Anaria Foxglove - Fae
  • Lady Sira Foxglove - queen of the Foxglove Troop
  • Derek Foxglove - Fae
  • Marinda Foxglove - Fae seer

Known Human Dwellers[]

  • Mark Hansen - Keiko's Bond

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