Constructed Mythology

The Crimson Kingdom is the kingdom on the left side of The Divided Realm. It is populated by both humans and Chimeri.


Lord Xyrie Validikus has control of all political power, but the Crimson Government and Crimson Priests have control as well.

Relevent People[]

Provinces/Regional Governments[]

  • Adament: The Northern Province. Main article: Adament (Province)
  • Arkansas: The Western Province. Main article: Arkansas (Province
  • Ajuhym: The Southern Province. Main article: Ajuhym (Province
  • Viknen: The Eastern Province. Main Article: Viknen (Province)

Allies and Enemies[]

  • Allies of the Crimson Kingdom: Heretics
  • Enemies of the Crimson Kingdom: Zealots, Corrupted Kingdom

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