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One of the more interesting tales of Fubadubia is the creation of the Black Sheep. While just how they were created is a mystery to most, the circumstances which lead to their creation are well known.

The Squirrels are famous for many things, though they had been unsuccessful in the creation of a way to carry large crowds through the air, until they designed the airship. The airship used a combination of large propellers and a balloon filled with hot air to successfully stay in the air for days. The Squirrels were delighted with their invention, and within weeks, the first prototype airship took to the skies.

Meanwhile, the Chipmunks had heard of the Squirrels and their wondrous invention, and felt unrestrained loathing and jealousy which dated back to their enslavement by the Squirrels. Fueled by their anger, the Chipmunks attacked the Squirrels and their prototype airship, managing to eventually wreck the prototype before swiftly retreating. The Squirrels were utterly infuriated by what had happened, and immediately began brainstorming a new invention, one which would exact their revenge on the Chipmunks.

The Black Sheep came as a result of their brainstorming. By mixing Squirrel and sheep genes, the Squirrels managed to create a strong, fast and ruthless creature. However, they did not foresee their new creations having a will of their own. The newly created sheep objected to the idea of utterly slaughtering the Chipmunks, which came as a major blow to the Squirrels. Of course, soon, the Squirrels began to see the benefits of having the sheep as their allies and eventually accepted them as members of Squirrel society.

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