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This is an open project where you can create and develop fantasy realms and myths from your inspiration, also comment other people's works. Thanks for sharing your fantasy!

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This is Pegasus, an open fantasy project where you can create and develop:

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If you like you can draw images & maps and upload them to illustrate your fantasy realms. Other people will be able to read and comment your pages.

Thanks for sharing your creations!

To create a page for your fantasy realm, write its title and click Start!

You can post any kind of fantasy content as long as it is of your own inspiration: Fantasy worldbuilding like Middle Earth, a Constructed Mythology if you feel like Homer, an imaginary world that you want to develop, a fairy tale, an epic story, etc.

Here at Pegasus we are more than willing to accept any of your creations, from fairies and high fantasy, to epic battles and dark worlds. Make your world your own.

Hidden Arett
One of many realms created in the fabric of magick, Arett is a land of heroes and villains alike, where a man can make his mark in history with the stroke of a sword, and where fates can be determined in the blink of an eye.
Fantasy Kaile
A low fantasy world covering thousands of years and the tales of Empires.
Fantasy Turas
There is no true good or evil, no faces you can always trust, and morality is upheld by the sword.
Fantasy Malika
A continent on the planet of Plasik'ki, Malika is full of strange creatures and cultures, but also familiar issues.
Magick Ainit
A world like any other yet a world like no other. Where gods walk amongst men and men amongst gods.
Fantasy Drakace Island
A world with fate caught in the balance between two powerful kingdoms.
Fantasy De'tetoom
A primative world of tribes, and early civilizations.
Magick The Divided Realm
A world at war with itself, good clashes with evil in epic battles for dominance.
Hidden Jerus
A land of war, legends and empires, rich with history and lore.
Maze Stocuce
A roleplaying maze
Fantasy Talía
Talía is the main realm and setting of the Chronicles of Talía, a real-world series of novels, written by William Maltby.
Maze The Scribes of the Dragon
A roleplaying maze
Fantasy Morotu
Morotu is a planet with three regions and two known continents. FullAkira
 of humans and anthropomorphic beings such as lizards and eagles.
Fantasy Akira
kira is a secret and mystical land, which can only be entered through nine different gateways, located in secret places all over the universe.
Fantasy Qetnarshad
Qetnarshad is one of the 'Floating coutries' a nation in the acid skies of Narshush.
Fantasy Egeurod
To the dwellers of forgotten ages, greetings!
Fantasy Terivetol
The planet has no "evil forces" turning it into a plot device, it is simply peaceful with the only war going on being intercountry normal war.
Fantasy Fubadubia
Hidden deep beyond the border of known space lies a world that is thought to have been at one point related to our earth.
Fantasy Magi terra
The domonant race is the the power lords in which only two exist one for light and one for dark.
Fantasy Saga Hrundinga
The beginnings of a Norse epic.
Fantasy Kintaria
Kintaria (Kin-tar-ea) is a dimension parallel to what we call "the real world."
Fantasy Clabra
An attempted Collaboration by several prominent editors.
Temple Rimamythos
Everyone is free to create new myths within this, when a user creates a new myth, that user gets in charge of that myth as any other page.
Fantasy Bas'chiun
Bas'chiun is a vast city on the planet Quorn'est. In fact, its the only city as the planet is mostly barren and uninhabitable.
Hidden Baltos
Baltos is a strange planet, where beasts rule mighty empires and humans run in primitive tribes and clans.
Fantasy Noctuina
Noctuina is great world of continents and island chains, as diverse in culture and climate as our real world.
Fantasy The Chronicles of Magic
A world of many wonders, and many horrors. A world of grand magics and epic warriors, of large empires and powerful tribes, of dragons and giants, as Dreamed by the Dreamer.
Fantasy Bellevoire
Bellevoire is a beautiful new province similar to Skyrim which is located north of a mighty civilization. It is a land of triumph, mystery, majesty, rebellion and power. Bellevoire is a currently ruled by an evil race known as the Faeries.
Athoria: A new collaborative fantasy conworlding project
Rembis: Rembis is a world of fantasy and gods.

Isilron: A universe with fantasy planets, steampunk planets, sci-fi planets, and everything in between.


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Thurkear is a world of great majesty and grandeur, one of the major dreams dreamed by the Dreamer. It is a world of dragons and demons, of elves and dwarves, of war and peace, of empires and tribes. The world of Thurkear is a strange planet, for it is geocentrical (it is the center of its solar system). This has all to do with the major feature of Thurkear: its magic. Magic is the most important factor in the world of Thurkear, and those who can use one of the six different magics are held in high esteem or in great envy. See The Chronicles of Magic for more

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