Torch Maiden

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Welcome to Clabra, a collaborative world that takes the best ideas of all the worlds in this wiki! For this world, the only requirements are:

  • Neat, clean, and grammatically correct...
  • Not contradicting itself (you can't have a world that's always peaceful while telling a story about a war in that world)...
  • ... and to keep the suggestions used below in mind:

Elements to this Story:

  • Collaborative
  • Non-Stereotypical Fantasy World (see Kaile or Malicha for an example of this)
  • Intricate Storyline and History (see Malicha or Kaile for an example of this)

Please be sure to consult other contributors before making major changes (grammar correcting is allowed and encouraged, but don't let it become edit wars). If you follow these guidelines, you'll be off to a good start in helping! Your help will be greatly appreciated!


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