Constructed Mythology

The Cloud Forest is a floating woodland supported by the Sky Crystals.

Cloud Forest

A slightly blurry image of the forest islands. Sorry that it's so blurred!


The Cloud Forest was once just a normal forest, but the Sky Crystals underneath it multiplied and soon the forest took to the sky. It divided into several nearby forest isles.

  • Isle of Quetza
  • Isle of the Crocodiles
  • Isle of the Insects
  • Isle of the Cloudspawn
  • Isle of the Crystal Miners
  • Isle of the Boruna
  • Central Island
  • Isle of the Winged Serpents
  • Isle of the Hsigo


Quetza: A dark-skinned people with iridescent green and blue quetzal wings and tails. Are great warriors and hunters.

Aeroans: Aeroans from the Isles in the Sky fly over and show the Quetza how to mine and grow Sky Crystals to make wind elemental weaponry and flying objects.


Cloudspawn: Aren't actually monsters, just magical cloud elementals that are rather hostile. When leftover magic meets a cloud it creates a cloudspawn, a small white cloud being with stubby arms and legs and yellow eyes.


Boruna and Crocodile

Look out, Boruna. Crocodile is hungry today.

Crocodiles: Large green reptiles with spiny backs that snack on...well, anything. Quetza Hunters sometimes hunt them and use their tough hide to make thick armour and shields.

Boruna: Huge bull-like creatures with furry humps on their backs like camels, big feet like elephants and rhinos and swingy tails like bulls. Have two pairs of horns and a monobrow.

Insectoids: Huge, monstrous insects! Are gross and very ugly.

Hsigo: Annoying winged monkeys!!

Majestic Beasts[]

Amphipteres: or winged serpents, amphipteres are serpent/dragons with feathery green wings and tails that are god figures of the Quetza.

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