Constructed Mythology

Clain is the young and savage country in the Scarlet World where twelve dead roses lie. One young hero lay them there and a second hero will take them.


Clain is mostly uncharted but as far as the cartographers dared went there was many mountains. Also there is a legend of a kingdom to the far south, known as the Southdom


The people mainly inhabit the borderlands, and are vicous. Apparently the Southdomers are sophisticated but ready to lash out at any time, in protection of their founder's 12 dead roses.


  • Savagery

Savegery worships the two gods, Blink the Brutal and Green the Gory.

  • The Founder's System

Also known as the Twelve Roses. Each of the roses represent one aspect of the city. If they are taken the city will crush.


Only known animals are Shifters, or Clainmen, and Dragoa.

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