Constructed Mythology

Chrispher Polus was founder of Shattered Lands, him and Pilfus Rufus explored and made a communist government, later he was killed by a local man who wanted him dead.


He had Brown short badly cut hair, he also had glasses, he has brown eyes also. He always wears something golden or silver, due to his large wealth income.


Power is his most powerful power. He also has some knowldge in Fire, and Air.


Water, and Rebelling.


He has a ring his father gave to him when he was a little boy, this ring is bronze with a silver and gold trim. It is said it could turn you to stone, or could vaporize you instantly.

Allies and Enemies[]

His formor ally was Pilfus Rufus. His Enemy's are all of Shattered Lands.


When he was a little boy his father died when he was at the age of 2. Most of his life he walked and grew a very greedy man. Being raised by his mother made him sensitive, and weak in some ways. Later when he was 18 he ditched college and went on to become an explorer. When he turned 26 he found the gate to Shattered Halls, him and Pilfus killed the gatekeeper and then proceeded inside. They explored and found nothing but wilderness and beasts, they build a caste. At the age of 55 he died by a stab wound.

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