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Cousins of the Squirrels, chipmunks are not nearly as intellectually gifted as their relatives, and as such, are jealous of them. They were once servants to the Squirrels, but thanks to a revolution led by Nell Acromunk, they were able to seperate from their oppressors and build their own colonies. Now, they are members of the third party alliance, sharing a city with the Mongosse.



Chipmunks are noticably shorter than Squirrels, with even scrawnier bodies and lighter brown fur. Chipmunks have ridiculously stretchy cheeks, which they will use to store food until they are hungry. Surprisingly, Chipmunks are able to speak normally while storing large amounts of food in their cheeks. In fact, chipmunks are rarely seen without food stores, so many races cannot imagine them without bulging cheeks. Like Squirrels, telling male and female chipmunk apart is no challenge.


Much of chipmunk culture is centered around food. Chipmunks need very little food to sustain themselves, but they're constantly afraid of running out. As such, there is no lack of food found in a normal chipmunk home, they often cram their cupboards in times of drought. Another aspect of chipmunk culture is their tails. Male chipmunks with large, beautiful tails are much more likely to find a mate then those with small, disfigured tails or tails with matted fur. In turn, males look for female chippmunks with larger tails as well. Nobody really knows why chipmunks are so obsessed with tails. One myth is that they love their tails so much because they're the most beautiful things they own, though Chipmunks believe the Squirrels made that one up.


Many chipmunks are not allied with the third party and have small tree villages all over the world. This often leads to some confusion when a third party chipmunk accidentally ventures into an enemy chipmunk village. Third party chipmunks are also widespread, though their capital is Mongosse peak.

Notable Chipmunks[]

Jeff Grappleclaw: While the name isn't one of the most well known in Fubadubia, it is worth mentioning. Jeff is the current leader of the chipmunks. His quick thinking and un-chipmunklike charisma have brought his people far in the new, growing world.

Nell Acromunk: The brave chipmunk who led the revolution against the Squirrels, Nell is charismatic, intelligent and exceptionally beautiful for a chipmunk. She went missing a short time after the Chipmunks joined the third party alliance, and her current whereabouts are unknown. Because of her legacy, Nell has become a popular name for chipmunk girls.

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