Constructed Mythology

The Chimeri are human-like religious beings living in the Crimson Kingdom.


They look like humans, but contain vast magical abilities, have pointed ears, sharp teeth, spikes protruding from their shoulders, back, and have tails.


They are religious beings and powerful warriors as well. They are kind souls and prefer peace instead of war. They believe also in the Gods of Light, and shun the Zealots, but favor the Crimson Priests and Heretics.


The Chimeri are favored as warlocks, mages, healers, spellswords, witchhunters, and other magical entities because of their vast knowledge of magic. The most basic thing the Chimeri have is the power of the elements, such as water, fire, earth, air, and light. They can also heal others. Advanced Chimeri have the power to heal armies, summon mythical beasts, be invisible, and summon tsunamies to consume entire armies.


They cannot resist against corruption magic, and are more vulnerable to magic as they are advanced t o it.


They live in the Crimson Kingdom as scholars, mages, warriors, and archers.