Constructed Mythology

Chelgeebs are an interesting people. They seem to have no affiliation to any alliance and no real enemies. They drift about in small groups which they refer to as Chelsquads. These Chelsquads do many things, ranging from selling rare goods to running carnivals to acting like heroes (some Chelgeebs seem to enjoy the prospect of saving lives and such). The Chelaxos squad is a particularily famous Chelsquad.


Chelgeebs are one of the most varying races in Fubadubia. There are no real normal Chelgeebs. They vary radically in shape and size. Their voices, personalities, even their skin colours vary.


It's been said that Chelgeebs have extraordinary physical and mental ability. Although this is but a rumor, the Chelgeebs do seem a wee bit stronger than normal people.

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