Constructed Mythology

The Chamberlain of the Confederation is the head of state as well as the chief executive of the Jovan Confederation. He is also the leader of the Federal Council, the highest executive body in the country. He must be a member of the council and one of the governors of the seven governorates of Jovan. He is elected by his colleagues for a one year term since their tenure as governors only lasts for four years.

List of Chamberlains[]

  • Coner Firefur
  • Voght the Wise
  • Assep-Djera Highjumper
  • Carte Stonehammer
  • Carte Strongpaw
  • Dram the Blind
  • Coner the Steady
  • Duryea Armfang
  • Solaris the Golden
  • Furian Tallheight
  • Zoltan Brokentail