Constructed Mythology

Like Benu the phoenix, Cevris is an animal enchanted by the gods. It appears as a golden stag.


Cevris is the Weeper and Creator of Life.


Cevris is a beautiful stag with golden antlers and fur. Its eyes look black from far away but are bright green close up.


One thousand years ago, there was a huge forest in the south-east of Fayjeura. But humans cut it down for wood. The deer slowly died out, till only one remained. The gods took pity on it an blessed it, making it the Animal of Life. The stag wept for its lost cousins, and each tear became a deer fawn. Then within an hour they wer fully-grown stags and doe. That forest is now called the Stag Wood.


When the animals are overhunted he cries and new ones spring from his tears.

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