Constructed Mythology

Cerbia is a Doken or states of Kandarlon situated at the topmost part of the country and bordered in the west by Cikira. The provincial capital of this Doken is Saz. Much of Cerbia's terrain is plain, making it a agricultural center of the country. Many cultivated fields and large farms characterize its landscape both in the north and in the south of Kandarlon. It has been ruled by the House of Imperio since the founding of the empire. The Emperor of Kandarlon, Favian XVIII, is the current Dokar of Cerbia.


Three decades ago, the Cerbian economy was largely agriculture-based in terms of both output and employment. Since the seat of government is moved here, the doken started to become industrialized as immigrants began coming to the capitals as well as the growing demands of the entire population of the doken. Now, Cerbia is the financial, commercial and industrial center of the Kandarlon.

Administrative Division[]

The Doken is divided into 8 regencies and 4 city.

List of Regencies[]

  • Badrang
  • Banglis
  • Burssam
  • Enpasar
  • Gianar
  • Kembrana
  • Larangan
  • Kleinos
  • Vaabanan

List of Cities[]

  • Saz - De Facto Capital of Kandarlon.
  • Khouri
  • Zohar
  • Maris