Constructed Mythology
Central Kale

A map of Central Kaile

Central Kaile, the home to all northern civilization. While this land is populated by multiple squabbling nations and races it remains one of the strongest regions both militarily and economically.


As mentioned prior to this section, Central Kaile is a place of division and conflict. As a result many independent nations stake claims to certain lands. The largest of these by far is the Haram Empire. The Empire stretches from the Western mountains across to Avon and the Granite mountains, then south to where the last tributary intercepts the River of Eternity. Then its border progresses south at a slight eastern curve, producing a semi-circle. It then stops at the northern border of the barren waste, and goes in a strait line to the Western mountains. Next in size come the Illuthan lands which stretch from the intercept point mentioned earlier and follow the River of Eternity East to the mountains. Duskania, mentioned prior, is the large crater to the south of the Empire and Draconic lands. To the west of Duskania lies the Obsidian Mountain Range, ruled by The Demons, this land is uninhabited except for its demon residents.


Central Kaile also sports several islands and island chains. The most notable of which is inhabited by the entrepreneur'an Buskan and takes its name from its people. The second is The Colony Isles which are an Imperial Province, founded during the expansion years. Last comes The Isle of Thought, a place of mystery and secrets.


The Forgotten Continent's southern peninsula can be found to the north of the The Buskan Isles.