Constructed Mythology

From a scholar to a revolutionary hero becoming a legend. Cano is a famous magician essential to the war in Cannon. He was born in the canyons and currently resided on a floating temple on top Mt. Cannon.


Cano was once an Owl with three large white feathers protruding from his head. Slightly over weight his attire consist of white tee shirts and blue jean and a brown cloak.

Presently his spirit is attached to a wooden statue. With the soul transfer the statue took on a few traits of his, 3 feathers protruding from the head and a marking on his head.


Cano made a beak though in Polar element sorcery. Learning he could wield light and dark magic by channeling them though certain objects. It was this ability that made him a critical factor in the war.


Cano’s weakness was plain to see, without the objects he balanced light and dark through his powers were just as dangerous to him as any two polar elements are. With nothing to balance the magic with the elements destroyed his body.


Red Jewel of Geara

Blue Jewel of Palow

Allies and Enemies[]

Cano is respected by friend and enemy a like. He is not an actual member of the ancient nobles. But, is none the less important to the group for his insight. Cano once had an apprentice, Pawn, and now in his wooden state requires a guardian. Being responsible for eradicating Colian's reptilian race, he is commonly mistrusted by lizards, and has caught the attention of the Basilisk Bane.

  • Cloak Guardian
  • Pawn Pupil
  • Ancient Nobles
  • Bane


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