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Relatively new to the Nee legion, Camaki are a hardy people who are respectful and humble, yet deadly in battle. They joined the Nee legion due to their fear of invading Skant and Gragons.



Camaki are a bulky people, though they are only so heavy because of the amount of pure muscle they have. Camaki are ruthlessly strong, able to throw large boulders across fields. Naturally, with all their muscle, Camaki are slow moving, but nonetheless lethal.

All Camaki have a small cactus like growth, seemingly growing out of their heads. This cactus is hard as diamond, it has to be to survive. The cactus also stores water for the Camaki, while the hump on it's back stores food.

Camaki have yellow, shaggy fur and big, inquisitive eyes (they are a naturally curious people, having lived so long in isolation). Their bare skin is a hot pink colour and their hooves are usually brown or black. Male Camaki are much taller than females, but they are also hunched over a bit, so the difference does not seem that large.


Camaki like to grow cactus plants in gardens. There are many reasons for this, the most prominent being the chance of a Cactops being born. The Camaki ride Cactops, which are born from cactus plant mutations.

Camaki make their homes out of giant dunes. After spending months building up the sand, they dig through it, making a network of tunnels and caverns. They spit on the walls, as somehow, their saliva makes the walls and ceiling incredibly sturdy. When all the caverns have been dug, the Camaki colony moves in and decorates. The Camaki capital city has two huge cactus plants growing out the top.

Camaki are good parents, though they'll only usually have one child in their lifetime. If they believe their child has potential to be a great warrior of some sort, they will train him/her nonstop for most of his/her childhood. If this is the case, the young Camaki becomes ridiculously powerful by the time he/she has reached adolescence.


Camaki have always made their home in a small desert, sheltered from the world, known as the Caminari wastes.

Notable Camaki[]

Olive Mirago: The current Camaki leader. She completes the trio of young female rulers under the age of 20, the other two being Ne-Ne and Springtail. Olive herself is 19. She is recognized as an extraordinary shaman and a just ruler.