Constructed Mythology

Template:BroukolianCars C3 Can 3+ is a Station Wagon of the C3 brand (ACPUO) in the broukolian cars market.

Design and Concepts[]

The Can 3+ Concept was thought as the replacement of the Can 3. However, the project was delayed. Instead of replacing the Can 3, ACPUO added a Station Wagon to Can line. Can 3C was the model that finally replaced the Can 3. The out-of-production Hatchline, a station wagon based in the Can structure, was the framework for the new model.


This model was released as the first step of the general refreshing of ACPUO's models.


The sales of this model has been regular. However, C3 expects better sales next years.


It is a pretty new model, so there are not plans to replace this model right now. Template:C3