Constructed Mythology

A completely mysterious organization whose past, and future is steeped in mystery and rumor.


As rumor has it, this organization began about 10 years prior to the Haram War. An attempt by the Imperial government to keep at least a small percentage of its magic users under its direct control, operation "Hidden Blade" abducted around 20 children proven to have strong magical ability from their homes. From the time of their abduction, until their eventual escape each was trained in the ways of magic, down paths long forgotten and some even forbidden. They were taught the art of the blade, the spear, the axe, the bow and every weapon in between. Stealth and secrecy became second nature. As previously mentioned, they escaped. Learning of their past, and probable future the entire group of students disappeared.

The strange thing is that virtually no evidence that proves their actions or even their existence. Yet when something strange happens, or a "Ghost" appears, the Hidden Blade are often blamed. (more coming here)

As time dragged on they gained a reputation for themselves. Supposedly each was garbed in black which seemed to absorb light instead of reflecting it, and the face of the wearer was hidden in a shroud of shadow. They could be seen only to disappear the next second in a breeze of light wind.

  • Note: Hidden Blade members renounce their traditional last names and replace them with Si'(Sye) and the ending of their assigned last name ('Mor).

More coming

Known Members[]

Revin Si'Mor

Maradon Si'Jan

Asmosiar Si'mor